About Moneefah D. Jackson

About Moneefah D. Jackson

New Day In Home Treatment & Supportive Services

Founder and CEO

Moneefah Jackson is the founder and CEO of New Day In-Home Treatment & Supportive Services (TSS), Inc. Moneefah is a compassionate individual who focuses her life on helping families, individuals, children, adolescents and older adults to build their new day. She is also committed to her work; this is evident by her opening a private practice and working in the social service field for more than 15+ years. She has worked in residential facilities, outpatient counseling centers assisting clients with substance abuse, along with mental health; and family preservation services to preserve and reunify children with their family. Moneefah built this organization so that she can continue to assist with stabilizing families while empowering them. Furthermore, families will be able to feel secure and comfortable in their environment; and not have to leave their home to attend counseling.

Our Mission

To build a “New Day ” of hope by empowering families, children, adolescents, individuals, and the elderly who are facing challenges in their lives and to improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

Making a difference in the community by creating a positive impact on everyone’s lives through services, support and building their new day.